Thursday, November 26, 2009


sorry for the lack of posts lately. having a full-time job and being a full-time grad student is no joke lol. now don't get me wrong, i've found the time to hook up with a couple of guys. some are regulars. but there were some newbies sprinkled somewhere in there.

this particular story is about one of my regular fucks and our first meet up. i met up with him during my hiatus from the blog, but i thought a little background would be great before i post about our extremely steamy encounter this past week.

we'll name him spaz. now i met spaz just over a year ago on a4a, adam4adam for those not familiar with the website. i'm pretty sure if you are reading this blog, you know all about it lol. it was the fall semester of my senior year and when i really started to explore the sexual side of my sexuality. he hit me up first. i glanced over his profile, sophomore, white, 19 5'10 175 brown hair and brown eyes, some body hair. i was interested. you see, my tastes in men varies. i can go for the smooth bodied twinks but guys with moderate body hair really turns me on. gets my motor running for sure.

we chatted for a bit and decided to hook up. nothing all that special. him blowing me in my car on campus. but it was the way he blew me. he was very spastic in his sexual nature. something i was not use to. it was like he was a starving animal, extremely hungry for cock.

we found each other in one of the garages. he got into my car and drove around campus until we found a decent spot to park and get down to business.

he kissed passionately but hard, making sure to kiss my neck and touch my body. he was nervous when he pulled my cock out of my pants, "wow! i've never seen one this big in person! i don't know if i can fit it all in my mouth... but i'll try," he said with a smirk. he held on to my 8.5 inch and thick meaty tool and just stared at it for a minute. examining it. probably planning his attack.

and oh did he try to take my cock. he choked on it, literally, for as long as he could. attempting to take each and every inch down his throat. the position that we were in and the perfect curve of my cock, kind of made it difficult for him to really deep throat. but i was enjoying it. watching this sophomore gobble down my cock made me quite the happy senior.

"you ready for my load, boy?," i asked, just to gage his intent. "yea stud, give it to me. i fucking want to see you shoot," he mumbled while bobbing on my dick.

kind of a turn off, since i like for guy to at least swallow or let me blow on their face when it's just a blowjob.

my cock stood straight up. my muscles began to tighten. he knew i was getting close.

he slurped faster, stroked harder, until my release.

"i'm gonna fucking shoot dude, fuuuuuck!"

and to my surprise he stayed on my cock, milking it til it was all gone. seeding his throat and stomach. he loved every minute of it as he came up with a satisfied smile.

"damn, you shoot a lot. and it's really thick and creamy... just how i like it."

"thanks," i said with a chuckle. "didn't expect you to take it all."

this was the first of our  many encounters during the next year. and each one got better and better. steamier. sluttier.

we exchanged numbers as i dropped him off by his car. i knew this was the beginning of something fun :-).

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