Thursday, December 24, 2009

followers and holiday cheer!

before i begin my post, i will like to wish everyone happy holidays and if you celebrate christmas, merry christmas!!! i would also like to say it's amazing that i have over 20 followers already! thanks to everyone that has helped getting my blog's name out there, converting it into traffic. you guys are amazing and you know who you are :-).

i'm sitting here on christmas eve exhausted but satisfied. not in my sex life but just life in general at the moment. but i'm very satisfied in my sex life because of the past couple of days... from pounding to getting pounded, it's been a very fun and interesting three days. hope to continue the trend through the rest of the holiday season. end this year on the right load.

anyways, hope you guys are having a joyous holiday season enjoying family, friends and lots of loads :-).



p.s. i need to stop with the promises of publishing posts. especially during this hectic time. i apologize for not getting my 3some post up in a timely manner. hopefully i'll have more than one story to post at once. i just never expected to be so busy just to be working. thought with the semester being over, i would have lots more time... but apparently that's not happening :-/.

i have had some pretty hot encounters lately though :-). been thinking of being a copycat and keeping a load count, but i decided against it. it would take the fun out of it all for me. and i don't want it to turn into work. whatever happens, happens. *shrug shoulders*