Wednesday, December 30, 2009

impromptu threesome

writing these posts in obscure locations is fantastic. it's beginning to become a staple in my writing process. I think it's sorta risky and a turnon to be in an open area publishing stories about my sex life. makes me think what the guy on the computer, or phone, next to me might be doing... maybe watching porn?! if so, that's hot. I'll ask him if he wants to film a porno of our own. he's pretty cute too.

haha, totally getting ahead of myself and off topic. now to the exciting post of my impromptu 3some:

I'd just gotten up, started making breakfast when I got a text from this stud I'd hooked up with not too long ago. to get an image of him, he's white 30 5'11" 170 7in cut cock with a hard, ripped body. he has long curly dirty blonde hair, some hot tattoos on his arms and an ass I'd tongue and fuck all the time. he also has a motorcycle and just exude hotness. oh did i mentioned he's married... yea. didn't know if i was cool with that at first, but i got over it. but definitely don't want any drama. we're going to nickname him motorcycledaddy. easy enough lol.

to move along, he texts me:
"hey stud, remember me?! come over now! I have this complete fucking slut coming over to get his hole used!"

i kind of ignored the message until he sent me a pic of the "slut's" ass. he got my attention after that to say the least. he was 25 5'8 155 7in cut. oh btw, he's a ginger! total turnon on for me. I knew this was legit because gingers usually know how to put on a show :).

I text him back:
"fuck dude. totally got a boner after that pic. but is he down with this?"

md: "no. he'll be here in about 10. just show up and let's surprise him"

now, I've recently just started to embrace my slutty side and I'd never been in this type of situation... was a little apprehensive about it all.

but of course, curiousity and plain horniness got the best of me and after finishing up my oatmeal, I was on my way.

in about 10 minutes I finally pull up in front of the house, which is right across the street from a school that his wife teaches at mind you. I knock on the door and after a few seconds motorcycledaddy answers with just a towel wrapped around his waist. instant boner.

"hey stud. c'mon back here. this fucking slut has no idea what he's about to get into."

we walk back into a small reading room it looks like and there's gingerboy on his knees, blindfolded, hands tied behind his back with his own belt (cute buckle btw) mouth wide open and hole exposed. ready to get filled from whatever end.

"have a surprise for ya boy! go suck on that big black cock!"

daddy turns gingerboy's body around so he could get in position to blow me. at this point, I was in a little state of shock. "what the fuck have I gotten myself into?!" I thought to myself. but hell, my hardon did not go away.

"yea slutboy. suck on that hung black cock. bet you never had black cock in your mouth before huh?!" motorcycledaddy said with an edge to his voice.

gingerboy whimpered with my cock in his mouth now, "I've never had a cock this big." haha how cute.

he blew me real good, sucking mostly on the head, not really attempting to take it all. I then forced his face down to my trimmed pubes, causing him to gag. "yea dude, gag on that cock." while he continued to work my cock over, daddy got behind him and shoved his nice 7 incher into gingerboy's tight hole. he winced a little from the pain but fuck, he was enjoying getting filled from both ends. he started to ferociously suck my hung dick, taking it down his throat no problem now while bouncing back onto daddy's cock. this was such a hot fucking scene!

motorcycledaddy pulled his raw cock out, "you want some of this ass now stud?" of course I did and we switched places. but gingerboy was a little afraid. "I don't know. I've never had a cock that big before."

"shut the fuck up slut! you will do as you are told and take that black cock up your hole," motorcycledaddy yelled at gingerboy.

now I can switch from aggressive to caring on a dime and I didn't want to hurt the dude. I mean, I don't want a cock just rammed up my ass at first. it hurts like hell. so as usual, I spit on my cock and eased it in his tight hole, which apparently daddy didn't loosen up all that much. once I bottomed out, I made it my goal to leave this ginger's hole a sloppy, gappy, cum filled tunnel.

I started out with a couple of small thursts, pulling my cock all the way out and slamming it deep back in. he was loving that. I started attacking his hole. pounding him as hard and deep as possible. this drove him wild as he started to buck on my cock. "cum in my hole. I want your load deep inside me." oh he was going to get my load, but not so soon. I wasn't done working him over.

I pulled and went to sit on the edge of the sofa. daddy turned gingerboy around as I wanted him to come taste the mixture of ass juice and spit on my cock. he moaned in pleasure while getting a mouth full. his blindfold began to slip off and his entire face was revealed. he had a very cute, innocent face, which usually turn out to be the biggest whores haha. he gazed into my eyes with a purpose. this slut wanted my cum and he wanted it bad. he popped off my cock and climbed onto my lap, basically pouncing onto my dick. he rode me like no other, riding me so passionately.

at this point daddy was in my between our legs, getting a perfect view of my cock in gingerboy's ass and licking and sucking on my low hanging balls. but me and gingerboy were totally into each other, basically leaving motorcycledaddy to be non-existent. it was kind of wrong, but he had trouble staying hard and getting off :-/.

I released gingerboy from his belt entrapment and he wrapped his arms around me, passionately locking lips. it was fucking hot! I turned him around and he begin to ride my cock on the edge of the sofa inbetween my legs. moaning loud in pleasure. that's really turned me on so I started to dive into his ass again, darting in and out of his hole.

"give me your cum baby. I want you to explode in me right now."

I gave a couple of final thursts and then plunged deep into his hole. releasing probably a cup full of cum inside him.

"fuuuuuuuuuuuck," I yelled out in pleasure. his ass milking my cock.

gingerboy turned around, with my cock still inside him, and shot his load all over me. his hot, milky load glistening on my dark skin. we just sat there in each other's arms, my cock still buried in his hole, recovering from our fuckfest.

finally we broke from our embrace, both with big silly grins on our faces. we kissed as he got up out of my lap. he turned around to show me his cum filled hole. i definitely dug a tunnel. we exchanged numbers on our way out, definitely getting a little more one on one time with this boy :-P.

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Thursday, December 24, 2009

followers and holiday cheer!

before i begin my post, i will like to wish everyone happy holidays and if you celebrate christmas, merry christmas!!! i would also like to say it's amazing that i have over 20 followers already! thanks to everyone that has helped getting my blog's name out there, converting it into traffic. you guys are amazing and you know who you are :-).

i'm sitting here on christmas eve exhausted but satisfied. not in my sex life but just life in general at the moment. but i'm very satisfied in my sex life because of the past couple of days... from pounding to getting pounded, it's been a very fun and interesting three days. hope to continue the trend through the rest of the holiday season. end this year on the right load.

anyways, hope you guys are having a joyous holiday season enjoying family, friends and lots of loads :-).



p.s. i need to stop with the promises of publishing posts. especially during this hectic time. i apologize for not getting my 3some post up in a timely manner. hopefully i'll have more than one story to post at once. i just never expected to be so busy just to be working. thought with the semester being over, i would have lots more time... but apparently that's not happening :-/.

i have had some pretty hot encounters lately though :-). been thinking of being a copycat and keeping a load count, but i decided against it. it would take the fun out of it all for me. and i don't want it to turn into work. whatever happens, happens. *shrug shoulders*

Friday, December 18, 2009


first of all i would totally like to give a huge thanks to Matt and Dan for their recent shout out on a post about their latest blog interests. there are some hot blogs in their post too. really worth following for sure.

their blog, along with a couple of others you can find in my follow list, led to the creation of this particular blog. so definitely very thankful, honored and really appreciate the shout out guys! keep bringing us those hot adventures of yours!

second of all, even though i've been very busy with work, which i fucking hate during this time, i managed to get in a fucking hot 3 way action with a total bottom slut (fellow student) and a hot somewhat older guy, 30 to be exact. very impromptu but glad i went over because this slut took everything i gave for sure. we kind of got lost with each other and forgot about the other guy for a while... sorry. but more on that story in a post that should be finished by tomorrow.

just really busy with work and graduation parties for a few of my friends. too bad a lot of my favorite fuckbuds are leaving town for the break... but there's one that's not and is in the same situation as i am. fun times to happen soon, REAL soon!


Thursday, December 10, 2009

emergence of str8fratboy

so exhausted from the end of semester work, holiday hours at my actual job and a pretty sad ending to the college football regular season, but i needed to write this particular post. i had to write about this encounter, even if it meant postponing the post about my very steamy session with spazboy.

so it all started late sunday night, early monday morning. me, dicking around on adam4adam not really looking for anything in particular. basically seeing if i could possibly find a hook up for later that week. then i get this message from a guy.

his profile read like this:

"I'm a masculine good-looking fit dude looking to chill with similar guys. Enjoy beer, football, staying in shape, etc. and looking for other guys who value discreteness. NOT looking for friends or chat, just other people for nsa fun."

he also mentions that he's a frat guy. BINGO! exactly what i was looking for. i don't know, but there is something about a frat dude that turns me on. i think i'm attracted to the pure masculinity of them all. especially southern frat dudes. mmmmmmmmm.

anyways, he's 21 5'10" 175 muscular with brown hair. his profile pic is only of his back, which definitely shows that he's in-shape. just how i like it. i mean how can i expect you to hang with me if you are not remotely in any kind of shape.

we chat for a while, exchanged pleasantries and since it was quite late, we decided to try to get together for another time.

here's where it starts to get interesting...

i'm on a4a the next morning and he signs in. immediately messages me.

"hey bro, want to chill?

"sure man, where can we meet."

i ended up meeting him right down the street from my place, which is damn near across the street from campus, down the road at a gas station. apparently his frat house is near there.

finally get there and he hops in. damn! he is extremely cute! nice medium build. precisely light tan. short brown hair. i was hooked.

"sup bro? got worried there. didn't see you for a minute."

"sorry man. got caught is traffic around ************. you know how it can get sometimes."

"definitely dude. nice ride man," as he looked around the cabin, impressed.

"thanks. i worked hard for it."

"and awesome! you have tints!"

of course i do :-).

we ride around, small talk and looking for a potential place to park and play. he mentions he has class in a few. like an hour or so. we finally settle on a semi-secluded neighborhood, parking in between houses.

he turns to me. leans in. "you're fucking hot bro!" and locked lips passionately. damn, that got me going.
while our tongues played together, i made my way to his pants to pullout a nice 7 inch thick uncut cock. niiiiiiice! i haven't had an uncut cock in forever! they are so fun and interesting to play with. oh and i've found this trick that i could do with my mouth that has drove every guy with an uncut cock i've been with nuts.

he moans as i handle his tender meat, stroking it every so gently while we continue to make out. i finally make the move. i start to work my mouth up and down, making sure i do my usual. he begins to slightly thrust and his moans makes me work his cock a little better. be he lifts my head, we make out and he goes in on my cock

"fuck bro! nice fucking cock. damn, and i thought i was big!"

"haha, thanks man. trust me. you have more than enough to satisfy."

he begins to work on my chocolate college meat. i can tell he loves to suck dick but he wasn't the best at it. he got the job done though, plus did i mention he was really cute and a pure masculine frat guy?! so all was forgiven.

he comes up, going for my lips and as we locked that's when it happened... a car started to pull into the parking spot right in front of us. we stop, slouch down in our seats and just stroked our cocks. it was actually kind of hot knowing that we could be getting caught. i think he was really turned on too because he had this look of excitement in his eyes. we lock lips again, making sure to keep an eye on the car parked a few yards in front of us.

we finally decided it might be best to find a better place. and that we did. a couple of blocks over we find a nice secluded place behind a house. lots of trees. but still in plain sight of the road.

"let's hit the backseat," he said almost instantaneously jumping out the front seat

we make it back there, but of course i forget to move the front seats up. so maybe, on purpose, i get up, bend over and my pants and boxer briefs slide down my legs, exposing my nice muscular ass.

"fuck bro! what a nice ass. you like to get fucked sometimes," he asks while grabbing my ass, admiring the view.

"fuck yea dude. i'd let you have this anytime you want... just don't know about now lol." i really didn't prepare to get fucked.

"yea bro, that's pretty ballsy anyways if we were to do it now."

i move the seats up, but not too fast as i was enjoying having him play with my ass.

we go back to making out. love his soft lips. he was a great kisser which is another big turn on for me. that got me rock hard. i begin to work on his cock again, this time doing my little mouth trick with his uncut cock. he moans loudly

"fuck bro, that feels amazing! you are going to make me blow it just from you blowing me."

not quite yet. i wasn't done with him.

 i let up and we switched positions, 69ing in the backseat of my small suv. this was sooo fucking hot! i've never done this before, so it was a very hot scene. me on top, him on the bottom. i stuffed my cock down his throat, making him gag. he enjoyed it. the way his tongue caressed my low hangers were fantastic.

looking at my watch, we didn't have much time left until he had to head to class. so i did probably my favorite thing, took a load down my throat.

i went to work again, working my magic and after deep throating his cocks a couple more times he couldn't take it anymore.

"i'm gonna blow dude, you ready for it? he said tensing up

"fuuuuuuuuck bro!" as he squirted his fratboy jizz down my throat. mmmmmmm tastes so good. i'm a bit of a cum whore, so this was right up my alley. even though having his load in my ass would've been great, i know he will make a deposit one day.

"damn bro, i'm definitely re-energized for class now lol" as he zipped up his jeans, with a huge smile on his face.

i drive right outside his frat house.

"let's do this again soon bro. and i'm all about working out together too." as he bent in for one last embrace.

"of course man. this was really fun. and next time, i promise you my ass."

"fuck yea bro! i'm looking forward to it." he gives his beautiful smile one more time before exiting.

this was one good looking frat guy and i can't wait until our next meeting. it's not too often i find these types that are actually into chocolate :-). so i have to savor this.

- ugtsrvd

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

end of semester/holiday season

wish i was posting a lot more because i have plenty of stories to tell. but with being a full-time grad student and having a full-time job during the holiday season, makes things a little complicated. of course i'm able to make time for fun :-), and that i have gotten. so if you want instant updates of what i'm doing and my encounters, my thoughts, just follow me on twitter, ugtsrvd.

there you can live vicariously through my entertaining life when i'm not too busy or lazy to make an entire blog post. hope you guys are staying safe, keeping busy and having a good time.

happy holidays!


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

getting in the holiday spirit

currently I'm laying in bed, enjoying a huge load my bf just dumped in me. I guess the holiday spirit finally hit us because we were decorating the apartment one second and fucking each other around the place the next. oh and did he fuck me! we just ran around the place trying all kinds of positions stuffing his thick 7 incher in me anyway he could. I feel so full right now. I'm letting his college sperm simmer inside me. I want to keep it in me as long as possible.

and damn, him walking around without a shirt is getting me all hot again. pretty sure I'm up for round two soon. i want him to fuck me right under the Christmas tree. wish me luck!


btw: deposited another load in bidogwalker earlier bringing my load given and taken count to 6/3 in less than two days. the end of semester stress is non-existent at the moment, which is a welcome change of pace :-).

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Monday, November 30, 2009

walking the dog

so it was just under a month ago that i answered an interesting craigslist ad. it was from this 20 yo 5'11 170 bi bottom twink that seemed very excited that he was successful at taking a pretty big cucumber up his ass and wanted to try something else. now, even though i'm not really into things of that nature, (i mean i have toys of course, just not of the food variety) i answered the ad asking if he wanted to "test drive some dark chocolate college cock."

corny. yes. got his attention. of course :-)

we exchanged a few emails, pics and the like. i told him that maybe one day me and the bf can tag-team him and he was down with that. the one issue with him was getting away.

here's his situation:

he just recently moved into town to live with his girlfriend. he doesn't know a soul in town but her. he has no cell phone, no form of transportation and his girl harasses him if he wants to go somewhere without her because she thinks he's cheating on her... which he is lol. with men. but she knows he's bi and apparently is cool with it, or not? sounds like a dysfunctional couple, but hey, not my business. so in order to get out of the house, he has to take the dog for a "walk." kind of like a decoy. we'll get to that part of the story later lol. btw, we'll name him bidogwalker.

for the last couple of weeks, we've missed each other with emails and im's. but finally, friday, our schedules synced.

bdw: hey sorry i aint wrote back been having issues with my harddrive. im definatly still down so lets set this up.

me: great man. when are you free?

bdw: definatly sometime vedry soon prolly tomorrow sometime

bdw: im actually free now if i can bring my dog as a cover

me: i'm free now too, but it'll just be me and you. my boy is at work. what kind of dog?

bdw: an actual dog. i need a cover for leaving otherwise i get the third degree for going anywhere cause i dont know anybody here in ********. she listens to me very well wont eat your shoes or any tjing like that wont shit in your house or nothing.

me: that's cool man, as long as the dog is cool lol. have had some bad experiences with them.

bdw: im in ****** next to *******. one other thing i cant travel or host girls at work with car and its the only time i get a chance for some fun

me: ok that's fine.

bdw: ok gotta shower real quick or can i at your house would make it alot easier

me: you can at my place. i'm on my way.

bdw: k, ill be walking my dog in ******

not the most book smart person i know, but it's not a deal breaker. he's sweet, easy going and not to mention, cute as hell! he has this good ol' southern boy charm that gets my motor running.

so after about 15 minutes of driving across town, i turn into his neighborhood. i drive a few blocks and sure enough he's outside walking his dog, waiting to get picked up and have a good time. i pull over to let him in.

"hey man," i said as he hopped into the passenger side seat with his dog, which as he described, very obedient.

"hey sexy! sorry about the whole dog situation. she'll be fine, i promise."

"don't worry about it. she seems nice. she hasn't growled at me yet, so i take that as a good sign," i say with a smirk.

"damn, you look better in person," he says with a smile. a really cute one at that!

"shit, i can say the same for you stud! you can wow me with your southern charm all you want." i really wanted him to.

we begin to have some small talk, asking each other questions. the usual. he really knows no one in town, so i think we'd end up being actual friends since we had a lot in common too. i brought the issue of not having any condoms up and he responded, "as long as you are clean, that's fine." that's all i needed to hear. thinking about this southern twink wanting to take my cock raw gave me an instant boner. i let him know on the way that we are strapped for time because i had to be to work within the next hour and a half, but not to worry, we'll get our time together in.

we finally make it back to my apt. i let him lead the way to get a good look at what i would be holding in just a few moments. watching it sway in his loose pajamas drove me crazy. i couldn't wait to get him in my arms!

he let the dog loose and we immediately grab each other, embracing as he slightly bit my neck, letting out this low growl. the growl, moan of pleasure. he wanted me and he wanted me bad. it had been almost a year since he last had any cock, so he was insatiably hungry to say the least. he smelled great, a very masculine scent. and his lips were soft. we kissed passionately for a few until we heard steps going up the stairs... the dog.

after chasing her for a second, it was actually a nice segway to the bedroom. we made out for a couple more minutes until he released to go freshen up in the shower. i get undressed and wait naked outside the door, stroking my dark meat.

after a few, he finally made his way out. he had his boxer briefs on and man did his ass look good in them. his body was just right. not too athletic or cut. everything just looked natural.

he grabbed my cock, leading the way to the bed.
"i want you so bad bro, you don't understand," he said with this intense hunger for pleasure in his voice.

"oh i understand stud. now get down there and go to work."

and did he! he started sucking slow, getting a taste of the head. tonguing my slit and then began to give an amazing blowjob. doing the right way, working his hand up and down my shaft. he was developing a pretty good amount of spit, leading me to speculate that he was also lubing my cock for his hole.

and sure enough, after another minute or so of sucking, he got on all fours, without a word, in position to get fucked. his hole looked amazing. nice, pink and smooth. my mouth began to water at the thought of tonguing his ass. but from the looks of it, he wanted my cock right then and there. no foreplay. just my cock, his ass and some deep fucking.

i run my thick 8 plus inch chocolate slab up and down his ass, pressing the head against the opening of his hole. to my surprise, as i was pushing in, he backs on to it, taking all 8 plus in one take. that drove me crazy!

"go slow first sexy," he whispered.

i obeyed and started slow, taking my cock to the edge and sticking it halfway in. i could tell he was liking this by his soft moans, so i continued this until i could feel him loosen up.

i dove right in, giving him all of my cock, giving him consistent thrusts. i gave him a pretty good pounding as he was enjoying taking my entire cock. i started to really give it to him as he grabbed a hold of the bed sheets. i rode him wild.

i flipped him over to his back and shifted his legs on my shoulders and dove right in. that made him basically scream with pleasure so loud that the dog began to bark lol. we ignored that as we were enjoying each other. i bent down to make out. passionately kissing as i continued to pump my cock in and out of his ass. he hugged me, pulling me down and whispered in my ear, "i want you to blow your load in me."

you couldn't believe how that got me so close to the edge. but i kept my cool and gave him a couple more minutes of pounding. our bodies were electric together. my sweat dripping on to him. the passionate make out sessions while i gave him a steady pumping. our breathing growing heavier by the minute. we were so in sync.

i couldn't take it anymore. "I'm gonna cum soon stud," i said in between our kisses.
"go ahead and give it to me bro, i want your load."

that took be over the edge. "fuuuuuuuck dude! i'm cumming!"

he pulled me in, making sure i could get in as deep as possible, seeding his southern hole. that felt amazing. i gave him a few more thrusts to work in my load. i finally pulled out and he took my cock in his mouth, sucking off the mixture of my cum and his ass juices. i loooove when a bottom does that. it's so hot and he was enjoying the taste too.

i bent down to give him a final kiss, making sure i get a taste of what he just had.

"fuck dude, that was hot!" i said
"i'm pretty sure you hit my tailbone," he said rubbing his ass. "but it was worth it!"

so on our way back, we're chatting and i asked him, "so do you usually fuck black guys?"

"actually, you are my first!" he said with a gigantic smile across his face.

this wont be his last that's for sure.