Friday, December 18, 2009


first of all i would totally like to give a huge thanks to Matt and Dan for their recent shout out on a post about their latest blog interests. there are some hot blogs in their post too. really worth following for sure.

their blog, along with a couple of others you can find in my follow list, led to the creation of this particular blog. so definitely very thankful, honored and really appreciate the shout out guys! keep bringing us those hot adventures of yours!

second of all, even though i've been very busy with work, which i fucking hate during this time, i managed to get in a fucking hot 3 way action with a total bottom slut (fellow student) and a hot somewhat older guy, 30 to be exact. very impromptu but glad i went over because this slut took everything i gave for sure. we kind of got lost with each other and forgot about the other guy for a while... sorry. but more on that story in a post that should be finished by tomorrow.

just really busy with work and graduation parties for a few of my friends. too bad a lot of my favorite fuckbuds are leaving town for the break... but there's one that's not and is in the same situation as i am. fun times to happen soon, REAL soon!



  1. Yes enjoy!

    (When you get the chance you should post a better picture of you big black thunder cock. Photo you have in profile doesn't make it look 8.5 inches!)

  2. Thanks Breeding Jock! You too! and anonymous, is this pic what you were talking about :-)?