Wednesday, December 2, 2009

getting in the holiday spirit

currently I'm laying in bed, enjoying a huge load my bf just dumped in me. I guess the holiday spirit finally hit us because we were decorating the apartment one second and fucking each other around the place the next. oh and did he fuck me! we just ran around the place trying all kinds of positions stuffing his thick 7 incher in me anyway he could. I feel so full right now. I'm letting his college sperm simmer inside me. I want to keep it in me as long as possible.

and damn, him walking around without a shirt is getting me all hot again. pretty sure I'm up for round two soon. i want him to fuck me right under the Christmas tree. wish me luck!


btw: deposited another load in bidogwalker earlier bringing my load given and taken count to 6/3 in less than two days. the end of semester stress is non-existent at the moment, which is a welcome change of pace :-).

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1 comment:

  1. Very hot man. Let all the loads simmer and soak in as long as possible.