Monday, November 30, 2009

walking the dog

so it was just under a month ago that i answered an interesting craigslist ad. it was from this 20 yo 5'11 170 bi bottom twink that seemed very excited that he was successful at taking a pretty big cucumber up his ass and wanted to try something else. now, even though i'm not really into things of that nature, (i mean i have toys of course, just not of the food variety) i answered the ad asking if he wanted to "test drive some dark chocolate college cock."

corny. yes. got his attention. of course :-)

we exchanged a few emails, pics and the like. i told him that maybe one day me and the bf can tag-team him and he was down with that. the one issue with him was getting away.

here's his situation:

he just recently moved into town to live with his girlfriend. he doesn't know a soul in town but her. he has no cell phone, no form of transportation and his girl harasses him if he wants to go somewhere without her because she thinks he's cheating on her... which he is lol. with men. but she knows he's bi and apparently is cool with it, or not? sounds like a dysfunctional couple, but hey, not my business. so in order to get out of the house, he has to take the dog for a "walk." kind of like a decoy. we'll get to that part of the story later lol. btw, we'll name him bidogwalker.

for the last couple of weeks, we've missed each other with emails and im's. but finally, friday, our schedules synced.

bdw: hey sorry i aint wrote back been having issues with my harddrive. im definatly still down so lets set this up.

me: great man. when are you free?

bdw: definatly sometime vedry soon prolly tomorrow sometime

bdw: im actually free now if i can bring my dog as a cover

me: i'm free now too, but it'll just be me and you. my boy is at work. what kind of dog?

bdw: an actual dog. i need a cover for leaving otherwise i get the third degree for going anywhere cause i dont know anybody here in ********. she listens to me very well wont eat your shoes or any tjing like that wont shit in your house or nothing.

me: that's cool man, as long as the dog is cool lol. have had some bad experiences with them.

bdw: im in ****** next to *******. one other thing i cant travel or host girls at work with car and its the only time i get a chance for some fun

me: ok that's fine.

bdw: ok gotta shower real quick or can i at your house would make it alot easier

me: you can at my place. i'm on my way.

bdw: k, ill be walking my dog in ******

not the most book smart person i know, but it's not a deal breaker. he's sweet, easy going and not to mention, cute as hell! he has this good ol' southern boy charm that gets my motor running.

so after about 15 minutes of driving across town, i turn into his neighborhood. i drive a few blocks and sure enough he's outside walking his dog, waiting to get picked up and have a good time. i pull over to let him in.

"hey man," i said as he hopped into the passenger side seat with his dog, which as he described, very obedient.

"hey sexy! sorry about the whole dog situation. she'll be fine, i promise."

"don't worry about it. she seems nice. she hasn't growled at me yet, so i take that as a good sign," i say with a smirk.

"damn, you look better in person," he says with a smile. a really cute one at that!

"shit, i can say the same for you stud! you can wow me with your southern charm all you want." i really wanted him to.

we begin to have some small talk, asking each other questions. the usual. he really knows no one in town, so i think we'd end up being actual friends since we had a lot in common too. i brought the issue of not having any condoms up and he responded, "as long as you are clean, that's fine." that's all i needed to hear. thinking about this southern twink wanting to take my cock raw gave me an instant boner. i let him know on the way that we are strapped for time because i had to be to work within the next hour and a half, but not to worry, we'll get our time together in.

we finally make it back to my apt. i let him lead the way to get a good look at what i would be holding in just a few moments. watching it sway in his loose pajamas drove me crazy. i couldn't wait to get him in my arms!

he let the dog loose and we immediately grab each other, embracing as he slightly bit my neck, letting out this low growl. the growl, moan of pleasure. he wanted me and he wanted me bad. it had been almost a year since he last had any cock, so he was insatiably hungry to say the least. he smelled great, a very masculine scent. and his lips were soft. we kissed passionately for a few until we heard steps going up the stairs... the dog.

after chasing her for a second, it was actually a nice segway to the bedroom. we made out for a couple more minutes until he released to go freshen up in the shower. i get undressed and wait naked outside the door, stroking my dark meat.

after a few, he finally made his way out. he had his boxer briefs on and man did his ass look good in them. his body was just right. not too athletic or cut. everything just looked natural.

he grabbed my cock, leading the way to the bed.
"i want you so bad bro, you don't understand," he said with this intense hunger for pleasure in his voice.

"oh i understand stud. now get down there and go to work."

and did he! he started sucking slow, getting a taste of the head. tonguing my slit and then began to give an amazing blowjob. doing the right way, working his hand up and down my shaft. he was developing a pretty good amount of spit, leading me to speculate that he was also lubing my cock for his hole.

and sure enough, after another minute or so of sucking, he got on all fours, without a word, in position to get fucked. his hole looked amazing. nice, pink and smooth. my mouth began to water at the thought of tonguing his ass. but from the looks of it, he wanted my cock right then and there. no foreplay. just my cock, his ass and some deep fucking.

i run my thick 8 plus inch chocolate slab up and down his ass, pressing the head against the opening of his hole. to my surprise, as i was pushing in, he backs on to it, taking all 8 plus in one take. that drove me crazy!

"go slow first sexy," he whispered.

i obeyed and started slow, taking my cock to the edge and sticking it halfway in. i could tell he was liking this by his soft moans, so i continued this until i could feel him loosen up.

i dove right in, giving him all of my cock, giving him consistent thrusts. i gave him a pretty good pounding as he was enjoying taking my entire cock. i started to really give it to him as he grabbed a hold of the bed sheets. i rode him wild.

i flipped him over to his back and shifted his legs on my shoulders and dove right in. that made him basically scream with pleasure so loud that the dog began to bark lol. we ignored that as we were enjoying each other. i bent down to make out. passionately kissing as i continued to pump my cock in and out of his ass. he hugged me, pulling me down and whispered in my ear, "i want you to blow your load in me."

you couldn't believe how that got me so close to the edge. but i kept my cool and gave him a couple more minutes of pounding. our bodies were electric together. my sweat dripping on to him. the passionate make out sessions while i gave him a steady pumping. our breathing growing heavier by the minute. we were so in sync.

i couldn't take it anymore. "I'm gonna cum soon stud," i said in between our kisses.
"go ahead and give it to me bro, i want your load."

that took be over the edge. "fuuuuuuuck dude! i'm cumming!"

he pulled me in, making sure i could get in as deep as possible, seeding his southern hole. that felt amazing. i gave him a few more thrusts to work in my load. i finally pulled out and he took my cock in his mouth, sucking off the mixture of my cum and his ass juices. i loooove when a bottom does that. it's so hot and he was enjoying the taste too.

i bent down to give him a final kiss, making sure i get a taste of what he just had.

"fuck dude, that was hot!" i said
"i'm pretty sure you hit my tailbone," he said rubbing his ass. "but it was worth it!"

so on our way back, we're chatting and i asked him, "so do you usually fuck black guys?"

"actually, you are my first!" he said with a gigantic smile across his face.

this wont be his last that's for sure.

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