Wednesday, November 11, 2009


interesting night. hit this guy up that i'd hooked up with once... it was amazing. big dick, cute, a little older. he wanted to try my big chocolate cock and i wanted to taste his thick vanilla muscle.

we both got or chance a couple of weeks back after attempting to get together for some time. we both are usually tops, but felt like flip flopping after checking out each other's nice, thick packages. i must say, my hole was twitching every time i took a peek at his dick pic. mmmmmm. delicious.

anyways, we finally hooked up. great kisser. great lover. i fed him my 8 inches of dark meat first, which had him begging for more. but i was done with that. i wanted him to breed my fat ass, pronto!

"you are so fucking tight dude!" he kept repeating, trying to ram his stud cock inside me. it took a couple of minutes and some lube but we finally got it to work. and ooooo did it feel oh so gooood! i've never had a cock as big as his inside of my tight hole.

8.5 inches of thick, juicy uncut muscle ramming my fat ass until he shot his load deep in me. i love the feeling of hot man juice spraying my insides. i was on all fours begging, pleading for more as he made sure to thrust his cock deeper into my hole, pushing the cum as far as he could. finally pulling out, his seed leaking out my happy hole, sliding down my leg.

i never do it bareback, let alone have a guy cum in me, but damn. i knew we were both safe and it just felt so amazing to have him fill me up.

well tonight, i got my chance to return the favor as he wanted me to breed his ass so he could fall asleep with a satisfied hole stuffed with hot college boy sperm.

of course i gave him exactly what he wanted.

we laid there after. soaked in sweat, laying next to each other. our bodies warm to the touch. the chemistry still flowing. our lips interlocking. our tongues intertwined.

he tastes so good. his natural body odor turns me on. it's just a natural mans odor that gets me going the most. fuck cologne. i want your natural scent. and boy did his not disappoint :-).

on to the next one.



  1. Very hot posts! Looking forward to reading more! -Dan

  2. thank man for reading and commenting :-)!