Tuesday, November 10, 2009


fear lives deep inside of me. but eventually makes its way to the forefront, requiring my brash demeanor to submit to this devouring emotion. i'm afraid of plenty of things, but somehow, i need to get my story out there.

it's definitely a blur between fantasy and reality, fact and fiction. imagination, something we all have, but not all use. i don't know if i want to give too much background about me. risking a lot doing this. my boyfriend of more than 6 years. family and friends. and who knows what else.

all i can say is that i'm in my early twenties, living in a college town in florida. graduated from a major university in florida and currently working towards grad school while working full time. as stated before, i'm in a committed relationship that has been going strong for over five years now.

the stories in this blog are real. true emotion. true feeling

fear consumes me. but i'm burning to tell my story. a story. anyone's story.

risk vs. reward. there's no such thing as a reward without any risks. i hope to conquer fear through my writing.


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