Wednesday, December 30, 2009

impromptu threesome

writing these posts in obscure locations is fantastic. it's beginning to become a staple in my writing process. I think it's sorta risky and a turnon to be in an open area publishing stories about my sex life. makes me think what the guy on the computer, or phone, next to me might be doing... maybe watching porn?! if so, that's hot. I'll ask him if he wants to film a porno of our own. he's pretty cute too.

haha, totally getting ahead of myself and off topic. now to the exciting post of my impromptu 3some:

I'd just gotten up, started making breakfast when I got a text from this stud I'd hooked up with not too long ago. to get an image of him, he's white 30 5'11" 170 7in cut cock with a hard, ripped body. he has long curly dirty blonde hair, some hot tattoos on his arms and an ass I'd tongue and fuck all the time. he also has a motorcycle and just exude hotness. oh did i mentioned he's married... yea. didn't know if i was cool with that at first, but i got over it. but definitely don't want any drama. we're going to nickname him motorcycledaddy. easy enough lol.

to move along, he texts me:
"hey stud, remember me?! come over now! I have this complete fucking slut coming over to get his hole used!"

i kind of ignored the message until he sent me a pic of the "slut's" ass. he got my attention after that to say the least. he was 25 5'8 155 7in cut. oh btw, he's a ginger! total turnon on for me. I knew this was legit because gingers usually know how to put on a show :).

I text him back:
"fuck dude. totally got a boner after that pic. but is he down with this?"

md: "no. he'll be here in about 10. just show up and let's surprise him"

now, I've recently just started to embrace my slutty side and I'd never been in this type of situation... was a little apprehensive about it all.

but of course, curiousity and plain horniness got the best of me and after finishing up my oatmeal, I was on my way.

in about 10 minutes I finally pull up in front of the house, which is right across the street from a school that his wife teaches at mind you. I knock on the door and after a few seconds motorcycledaddy answers with just a towel wrapped around his waist. instant boner.

"hey stud. c'mon back here. this fucking slut has no idea what he's about to get into."

we walk back into a small reading room it looks like and there's gingerboy on his knees, blindfolded, hands tied behind his back with his own belt (cute buckle btw) mouth wide open and hole exposed. ready to get filled from whatever end.

"have a surprise for ya boy! go suck on that big black cock!"

daddy turns gingerboy's body around so he could get in position to blow me. at this point, I was in a little state of shock. "what the fuck have I gotten myself into?!" I thought to myself. but hell, my hardon did not go away.

"yea slutboy. suck on that hung black cock. bet you never had black cock in your mouth before huh?!" motorcycledaddy said with an edge to his voice.

gingerboy whimpered with my cock in his mouth now, "I've never had a cock this big." haha how cute.

he blew me real good, sucking mostly on the head, not really attempting to take it all. I then forced his face down to my trimmed pubes, causing him to gag. "yea dude, gag on that cock." while he continued to work my cock over, daddy got behind him and shoved his nice 7 incher into gingerboy's tight hole. he winced a little from the pain but fuck, he was enjoying getting filled from both ends. he started to ferociously suck my hung dick, taking it down his throat no problem now while bouncing back onto daddy's cock. this was such a hot fucking scene!

motorcycledaddy pulled his raw cock out, "you want some of this ass now stud?" of course I did and we switched places. but gingerboy was a little afraid. "I don't know. I've never had a cock that big before."

"shut the fuck up slut! you will do as you are told and take that black cock up your hole," motorcycledaddy yelled at gingerboy.

now I can switch from aggressive to caring on a dime and I didn't want to hurt the dude. I mean, I don't want a cock just rammed up my ass at first. it hurts like hell. so as usual, I spit on my cock and eased it in his tight hole, which apparently daddy didn't loosen up all that much. once I bottomed out, I made it my goal to leave this ginger's hole a sloppy, gappy, cum filled tunnel.

I started out with a couple of small thursts, pulling my cock all the way out and slamming it deep back in. he was loving that. I started attacking his hole. pounding him as hard and deep as possible. this drove him wild as he started to buck on my cock. "cum in my hole. I want your load deep inside me." oh he was going to get my load, but not so soon. I wasn't done working him over.

I pulled and went to sit on the edge of the sofa. daddy turned gingerboy around as I wanted him to come taste the mixture of ass juice and spit on my cock. he moaned in pleasure while getting a mouth full. his blindfold began to slip off and his entire face was revealed. he had a very cute, innocent face, which usually turn out to be the biggest whores haha. he gazed into my eyes with a purpose. this slut wanted my cum and he wanted it bad. he popped off my cock and climbed onto my lap, basically pouncing onto my dick. he rode me like no other, riding me so passionately.

at this point daddy was in my between our legs, getting a perfect view of my cock in gingerboy's ass and licking and sucking on my low hanging balls. but me and gingerboy were totally into each other, basically leaving motorcycledaddy to be non-existent. it was kind of wrong, but he had trouble staying hard and getting off :-/.

I released gingerboy from his belt entrapment and he wrapped his arms around me, passionately locking lips. it was fucking hot! I turned him around and he begin to ride my cock on the edge of the sofa inbetween my legs. moaning loud in pleasure. that's really turned me on so I started to dive into his ass again, darting in and out of his hole.

"give me your cum baby. I want you to explode in me right now."

I gave a couple of final thursts and then plunged deep into his hole. releasing probably a cup full of cum inside him.

"fuuuuuuuuuuuck," I yelled out in pleasure. his ass milking my cock.

gingerboy turned around, with my cock still inside him, and shot his load all over me. his hot, milky load glistening on my dark skin. we just sat there in each other's arms, my cock still buried in his hole, recovering from our fuckfest.

finally we broke from our embrace, both with big silly grins on our faces. we kissed as he got up out of my lap. he turned around to show me his cum filled hole. i definitely dug a tunnel. we exchanged numbers on our way out, definitely getting a little more one on one time with this boy :-P.

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  1. hot scene stud, he was a lucky kid

  2. He was a lucky kid! Poor MotorCycleDaddy. Oh well...

  3. What a hot little slut! Great post, UGTSRVD! -Dan

  4. hot jealous for that load and that tunnel you made...

  5. what a hot scene - luckly boy indeed!